SOY STORY “Soy and The Soyful Friends”


This is a story of a school where soy foods go to.This is a story of a school where soy foods go to.

This is a story of a school where soy foods go to.
A “Soy Story” in which Soy, a transfer student from the U.S.,
learns about soy foods with his soyful classmates.
Everyone has a dream of what dish they want to become…

“The First Friends —
Making The Soy Friendship“

Soy is a transfer student from the US.
He becomes friends with his classmates Shoyu, Miso, Tofulu, and Oiln,
and the teacher gave him a homework
He sees a mysterious object at the end. What could it be?

“Draw and Show!
The Culture and The Environment“

The thing Soy saw was “Inspiration Spaceship”,
a vehicle to become closer to the “dish to become”.
Today’s lesson is about “Cultural Exchange”.
Soy presents a drawing of a farm field from his homeland.
Everyone loved the drawing where Soy is spending quality time with plants and animals.

“Let’s go! Inspiration Spaceship
The Possibilities of Soy “

Next up is a Soy quiz lesson.
Everyone is talking about the “dish to become”.
Soy answers correctly, but it seems he is not confident about something.
“Would Japanese people like the dish?”
With the help of his friends, he discovers the possibilities of soybean.

Introducing Soy and The Soyful Friends

  • Soy
  • Shoyu
  • Miso-samurai
  • Tofulu
  • Oiln
  • Mr.Fridge

Soybeans are all around us, yet we know little about them.
We hope this video will help you learn more about soybeans.